When people ask me which skill is most invaluable to the fine art of phone fucking, I’m quick to tell them: improv.

I am a trained improviser, which is code for someone who moves to a new city and drops more than a grand on improv classes. These classes are where I learned how to be a PSO.

The first rule of improv is, “Yes and.”

In other words, when your partner starts a scene with: “Wow, I didn’t expect Mars to be this chilly,” you don’t say, “What are you talking about? We’re in Kansas.” You say, “We have to fix the spaceship before we freeze to death.”

Now you’re not only on the same page, you’re committed to building a world together.

Some clients call a PSO knowing exactly what they want to talk about. They have a fantasy in their head. My job is to respect that fantasy by listening closely and building on it in a way that makes sense, while also being fun.

Listening is essential to improv. You can’t “yes and” if you’re not paying attention.

Improv helps you to be fast on your feet, another essential trick of my trade. And not just fast, but efficient and truthful. Some clients call a PSO with no clue what they want to talk about (besides the obvious). It's my job to help them create something on the spot. Something good. 

In one of my favorite improv games, we had to monologue about something made up. We had to construct a fantastical scenario with detail.

These monologues were never about sex acts, but the same habits carry over.

Details are the bread and butter of phone sex. The more details I provide, the better time everyone has.

Another upside of this, is I know how to make you laugh, too. If you’re into that sort of thing…(it’s awesome).