A is for April

Hey there, sexy!

Call me April. I’m a phone sex operator (or PSO) and adult voice performer. After working for a third-party line for the past year, I’m striking out on my own! I’m excited to start this fun new adventure and can’t wait for you to join me. Now I know what you may be thinking:

Phone sex is still a thing?

Yes. Yes, it is! It’s the awesome thing I do for a living. Not only does it still exist, it’s alive and well. I enjoy the hell out of it, and odds are you will, too. There’s just something about a voice. Trust me.

How does this work?

One of my favorite parts of this job is getting to know my clients and what turns them on. I have a delightfully open mind. I can be dominant or submissive, romantic or mean. I love dabbling in a variety of different role play scenarios. Maybe you want to talk to a forceful domme? An innocent stepdaughter? A secretly naughty schoolteacher? Or maybe you just want someone to talk to about your day? Great! I want to hear all about it. I’m creative, versatile, and a lot of fun. You’re going to love what you hear, I guarantee it ;)

Is there anything we can’t talk about?

Let me preface this by saying, I truly believe there are no moral wrongs in fantasy, provided they don’t leave the realm of fantasy. That being said, I reserve the right to end a call at any time should I become uncomfortable by either the content of the call or the client’s demeanor.

What is an “adult audio experience?"

Have you ever been listening to a podcast and thought, “I wish there were more orgasms?” Do you find porn completely unsatisfying with the sound turned off? Or maybe you’re already familiar with "audio porn." What I record allows you to experience your unique adult fantasy through sound alone, as if I’m speaking directly to you. Write the script yourself, or send me your idea and I’ll write it (I am also an accomplished writer)!

As a feature of this website, I’m going to be putting up a weekly blog post with updates, articles, and all kinds of fun info to help you get to know me.

Questions? Comments? Fantasies?

Drop me a line here!